Omega-3s from fish are some of the most beneficial natural nutrients. Omega-3s have been linked to supporting a healthy brain and heart health. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce these nutrients on its own and it is difficult to get the recommended amount of Omega-3s every day, even if you are a seafood lover.

  • Omega-3s from fish are one of the most beneficial sources of DHA and EPA.
  • DHA is important to maintain healthy brain function.
  • The body cannot produce these nutrients on its own, they have to be supplied by diet.

Why are Omega-3s Important?

Omega-3s are important nutrients that are critical for the normal production and functioning of cells, muscles, nerves and organs. In particular omega-3s support brain health. The majority of the brain is made up of fatty acids. Omega-3, in particular DHA, is part of the normal brain structure and can help with healthy ageing in adults.

What does it take to get the same level
of Omega-3s?

To get the same levels of DHA and EPA found in Vitality Omega-3 (650mg DHA, 286mg EPA)† you would have to consume one of the following amounts of fish every day:

  • 595g of lobster
  • 595g scallops
  • 510g cod
  • 510 haddock
  • 283g tuna
  • 10 sardines
  • 170g trout
  • 85g salmon

or 1 dose of all new
Vitality Omega-3