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  • Vitamins and minerals are important for active, growing young bodies and are normally achieved through a balanced diet. Koala Pals may help bridge nutritional gaps as a result of children not eating a balanced and nutritious diet consistently.

  • A great way to brighten smiles at a better value
    The Family Dental Pack contains: Mint Dental Floss; your choice of Koala Pals Tooth Gel; your choice of Tooth Polish; Fresh Mint Breath-Away Mouth Rinse Ready-to-Use and Cool Shot Breath Spray.
  • A great way to brighten your kids' smiles at a greater value
    Pack includes: Koala Pals Hand Wash and pump; your choice of Koala Pals Tooth Gel; Koala Pals Hair Wash; Koala Pals Body Wash and Koala Pals Multivitamin Chewables.

    • Gentle formula won’t sting eyes
    • Made with oats, coconut, fruit extracts, and vitamin E
    • Washes away dirt while keeping skin kissably soft
  • For complete body relaxation, pour Sun Valley Relax Bath Foam under your running bath water. Essential oils of lavender, orange, geranium, bergamot and melaleuca will leave your skin feeling clean, soft and pampered—and your body calm and refreshed.
    • A foamy, apple-scented hand wash kids love to use
    • Nourishes skin with vitamin E, aloe, and green tea extract
    • Pump Included
    • Makes 2 pump bottles of ready-to-use hand wash
    • A foamy, berry-scented hand wash kids love to use
    • Nourishes skin with vitamin E, aloe, and green tea extract
    • More than 300 washes in every bottle
    • Shaped especially for little mouths
    • Able to reach even the back teeth
    • Colourful and fun Koala Pals shapes
    • Great for starting a healthy, lifelong habit
  • Koala Pals for Baby Pack includes all three of our wonderful new baby products presented in a crisp white gift bag with a cotton face washer. This makes a wonderful present for newborns and infants!
    • Gentle, naturally and organic ingredients
    • Lightly infused with essential oils
    • Suitable for use on newborns
    • Soothes bottom rashes
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