Melaleuca Membership: The Things We All Care About

We hope you’re feeling right at home with Melaleuca, and we’re anxious for you to experience the exclusive benefits you’re entitled to as a Preferred Customer. We believe the products we use every day should help make our homes, our families, and our world healthier and happier.

As a Loyal Monthly Shopper, Your Preferred Customer Benefits Include the Following:
  • Direct access to more than 300 products for your health and wellness that are effective, safer, more natural, and a better value than supermarket brands
  • Preferred Customer discounts of 30%–40% off regular product prices
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every product
  • Amazing Customer Loyalty Rewards Program for you to purchase FREE products!
  • Convenient doorstep delivery of your favorite products
  • 24/7 access to the Product Store at
  • Friendly call center Wellness Representatives are available to help you five days a week–just call 1800-07-3399 for assistance
  • Regular emails filled with exclusive money-saving offers and wellness information

In addition, you have the opportunity to become a Marketing Executive and earn residual income by referring others to shop at Melaleuca

Additional Benefits for Marketing Executives

The Business Center provide a wealth of tools and resources all designed to help Marketing Executives build a successful Melaleuca business: