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EcoSense® Regular Size Laundry Pack
Size: 4 products Item: 5933

EcoSense® Regular Size Laundry Pack

All your laundry care needs for one low price!
The EcoSense Laundry Pack provides a simple, effective, affordable, and natural alternative to buying laundry products at the store. And although each product is effective on its own, nothing compares with using the entire system together.

The EcoSense Laundry Pack contains: PreSpot, MelaBrite 6x, MelaPower 6x (choice) and MelaSoft 2x(choice).

Accessories sold separately.

EcoSense® Value Size Laundry
Size: 4.000 products Item: 5934
  • Save 15%
  • Accessories sold seperately.
MelaPower®  6x Detergent—48-load 2-pack
Size: 2 products Item: 1415
  • Just 15mL cleans a whole load of laundry
  • Rinse Guard™ keeps dirt from redepositing on clothes
  • No caustic chemicals or unnecessary fillers
  • pH-neutral, as gentle on clothes as tap water
  • Concentrated to save money and reduce plastic waste
  • Drain-Back Cap sold separately
MelaPower® 6x Wool & Delicates Wash
Size: 720 mL Item: 9476

Taking Care of Everything Delicate
Caring for your delicates and woollens just got easier! You’ll love the new, concentrated formula now in a 720mL bottle. Just 15mL of MelaPower Wool & Delicates Wash provides special care for your woollens, lingerie, lace and washable silk leaving your garments soft, without damaging the sensitive fibres. And the six-times concentrated formula saves you money.

Lemon Brite® Pump
Size: 1.000 pump Item: 9783
For use with Lemon Brite - measure the perfect amount for more effective and handy use.
EcoSense® Cleaning Bundle
Size: 12 products Item: 7981

Great value packs now save you even more! Clean your home top to bottom, wash your laundry inside and out, and save money as well. We make it easy to convert your home to safer, smarter products from Melaleuca. Save $12.45 on the EcoSense® Cleaning Bundle!

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