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PURE™ Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9316

Used as a natural remedy for centuries by the indigenous tribes of Australia, eucalyptus oil has a fresh penetrating scent and is a common ingredient in vapor rubs.

PURE™ Grapefruit Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9326

PURE™ Grapefruit Essential Oil has an invigorating aroma with characteristic tart yet sweet citrus notes that may help evoke feelings of happiness and energy, especially when diffused.

PURE™ Lemongrass Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9339

Lemongrass is commonly used in skincare products and its green, citrus fragrance may help increase feelings of awareness and lead to improved moods.

PURE™ Lemon Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9279

PURE™ Lemon Oil has one of the most recognisable scents of all essential oils. Its clean, citrus fragrance is upbeat and energising, promoting positive feelings and good moods.

PURE™ Lime Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9323

Limited Time Only. Lime has one of the freshest, cleanest aromas. Known for its cleansing properties, its citrus scent is refreshing and energising.

PURE™ Marjoram Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9356

Marjoram was used commonly by the ancient Greeks as a medicinal plant. With its warm, calming aroma it is the perfect addition to a hot bath or a warm compress.

PURE™ Orange Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9324

Limited Time Only. Well-known for its cleansing and purifying properties, Orange Essential Oil has a fresh, clean, citrus fragrance that is sure to evoke feelings of energy and happiness.

PURE™ Peppermint Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9293

As one of the stimulating PURE™ Essential Oils, Peppermint is sure to enliven your senses with its fresh minty aroma, promoting feelings of alertness and energy.

PURE™ Patchouli Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9353

The perfume industry has long used Patchouli for its pleasant musky, slightly spicy aroma. Patchouli can help soothe troubled skin as well as promote balance and calmness.

PURE™ Rosemary Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9318

Viewed as sacred by many ancient cultures, this strong, herbaceous, energising oil can be used to help combat feelings of fatigue, nervousness, and stress.

PURE™ Sandalwood Essential Oil
Size: 5 mL Item: 9349

Sandalwood has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies to enhance meditation with its soft, woody aroma and can be used on troubled skin as part of a beauty regimen.

PURE™ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9359

The sweet, rich floral aroma of Ylang Ylang has long been used to help promote healthy-looking skin and hair, emotional balance, and the release feelings of tension and anger.

PURE™ Armor blends cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary to help freshen, cleanse and purify.

PURE™ Blue Heat is a powerfully penetrating and soothing combination of wintergreen, peppermint, camphor, German chamomile blue, and osmanthus absolute.

PURE™ Peace helps promote a sense of tranquility and comfort with a blend of tangerine, orange, patchouli, tansy, elemi, and German chamomile blue.

Combined to help soothe and support respiratory comfort, PURE™ Vapor is a rich blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress, may chang, myrtle, bay, and elemi.

Wake up your senses and get energised with PURE™ Vitalize. This blend combines the invigorating notes of orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, spearmint, and mandarin.

PURE™ Fractionated Coconut Oil
Size: 118 mL Item: 9371

This all-natural moisturiser evaporates quickly and helps in the application of other oils making it a perfect carrier oil for the topical application of PURE™ Essential Oils.

PURE<sup>™</sup> Roll-On Bottles 6-Pack
Size: 6 bottles Item: 9957

Got a custom blend you love to apply? Have a diluted oil you want to keep ready? Roll-on bottles are the perfect solution! They’re mess-proof and allow you to apply the ideal amount to your skin.

Foundation Basics Set
Size: 1 pack Item: 5938
  • Improved pricing
  • Perfect for those who want to switch their base makeup routine to Sei Bella and save.
  • A great way to trial the products while paying a fraction of the price of department store brands.
Sei Bella Perfume 2-Pack <span style="color:#990000;font-weight:bold;">(Save $19.95)</span>
Size: 2 pack Item: 79855

Try both new fragrances for a limited-time! Sei Bella Sage & Bluebonnet is fresh, floral, and bright, with notes of citrus, marine, and melon harmonise with jasmine and wood. While Sei Bella White Floral & Vanilla is exotic yet understated, with white florals and rose enveloped in the warmth of Tahitian vanilla. A base note of wood resonates. Save $19.95 with this special offer!

Sei Bella Sage & Bluebonnet
Size: 50 mL Item: 5042

Fresh, floral, and bright! Notes of citrus, marine, and melon harmonise with jasmine and wood.

Sei Bella White Floral & Vanilla
Size: 50 mL Item: 4766

Exotic yet understated. White florals and rose enveloped in the warmth of Tahitian vanilla. A base note of wood resonates.

Supercharged with Melaleuca Oil, propolis, and myrrh. Alcohol-free 473 mL ready-to-use size. While Stocks Last.

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