Breathe Easy Bundle


Save 16% with the Breathe Easy Bundle!
This limited-time bundle includes Activate Immune Complex to help boost your body’s natural defences and support your immune system. While our PURE Vapour Respiratory Blend, features a cool combo of oils which help support that soothing airway-opening feeling. Help yourself breathe by simply adding 5 drops of Vapour to your New Pure Aromatic Home Diffuser - also included!

Activate Immune Complex*
Boost your body’s natural defences and support your immune system with the natural power of echinacea, andrographis, and Siberian ginseng.

Pure Vapour Respiratory Essential Oil Blend
Contains a soothing blend of: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cypress, May Chang, Myrtle, and Elemi.
Personality: Cool and comforting
Favourite Colour: Blue
Aroma: Fresh, minty, clean, and camphor-like
Best Trait: A breath of fresh air
Comes From: All over—it’s a blend!
Breath of Fresh Air: We love using this blend in our diffuser or humidifier! All it takes is 5 drops of Pure Vapour to experience the cooling and soothing sensation.

Pure Aromatic Home Diffuser
Create your own nature-inspired oasis! With the Aromatic Home Diffuser, you can diffuse essential oils to create any atmosphere you desire. Diffuse any Pure Single Oils, Blends, or even create your own DIY Blend to personalise your aromatic experience.

* Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Pack Includes: 1 x Activate Immune Complex, 1 x Vapour Respiratory Essential Oil Blend, and 1 x Pure Aromatic Home Diffuser.


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